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check out what out what kind of drawing i do.




Eah: Adriana Hexto by alee1997
Eah: Adriana Hexto
Adriana Hexto daughter of a witch
Side: Rebel
Hearts desire: I don't want to use my magic to destroy, I want to use it to create.
magic touch: I obviously know magic, and I'm very good at it. I try to know a bit of different types, since it can be very useful.
oh curses moment: People who don't know me are very freaked out and take my sarcastic or dark humor too seriously. They are convinced that I would curse them for real. I'm just kidding.
favorite subject: Arts and crafts. It's fun to draw and make little things. Then I enchant them and it's even more fun to see moving pictures and dancing sculptures.
least favorite: Crownculaus. That's the real evil villain here.

My EAH persona. Obviously, Adriana is my name and Hexto is a play on my mothers maiden name. I'm just a generic story book witch.
EAH: Ema Green by alee1997
EAH: Ema Green
Emerald 'Ema' Green daughter of the Green Knight.

Roommate: Not lised
Story: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Side: Rebel
Hears desire: To be a knight of the round table.
Magic touch: Like my brother and father, I cannot be killed in battle. Once when I was twelve, no one in school believed me. So I cut off my own hand and snapped it back on with ease. No one found it amusing.
Oh curses moment: I have a bad habit of fighting too much. I crave a sparing match so much, that when I can't find a partner, I taunt them to get them to fight me. 
Favorite subject: Hero training. I adore the sparring matches. And It's the only time the boys are allowed to fight me and not feel ashamed.
Least favorite: Damsel-in-distressing. Why must I take a class that simply teaches me to sit in a tower? Why not something useful? Like self defense in case a villain breaks into the tower?
BFFA's: My brother, Caedmon Green and Griselda Robber. They are the only ones who never question me, or my adoration of weapons. Especially Griselda.

Anyway, I read the tale of Sir Gawain and the  Green Knight and soon came up this character.
Ema is the younger twin, and due to that, and her being a girl, Ema does not get the legacy of the Green Knight. Growing up, she always knew that, and was fine with it. However, once she reached high school, and everyone demanded her to take side and putting her in classes that did nothing but teach her to sit and look pretty, since that is so often the fate of daughters of princes and lords who do not get a destiny. They just become generic damsels for others stories. So when the whole destiny drama began, Ema chose to rebel, since she wanted to fight and be knight, just like her brother was allowed to do, but not her.
Ema obviously short for Emerald as stated above, which is just a reference to how everything about the Green Knight is, Well, green. 

 And before any of you say that the story is an Arthurian legend, and not a fairytale, Alice in wonderland is a fantasy novel. And Little Bo Peep is a nursery rhyme. Yet they are included in EAH. And the story of Midas is also a Greek myth. And it is often included in much fairytale related stuff. So....I don't wanna hear it.
The Frost Princess by alee1997
The Frost Princess
This  is a grown Skadi. This would probably be her ball gown or coronation dress. I adore how this came out. ^_^
EAH oc: Wilde Raven by alee1997
EAH oc: Wilde Raven
Wild Raven, daughter of the Raven Princess.
Story: The Raven
Side: Roybel
Personality: Befitting her name, Wilde is certainly an untamed princess. Basically raising herself and the ability to change her form into a Raven at will, Wilde is an independent spirit. She's very much someone whose actions speak themselves. Although, this princess is wild child, she has a soft spot for the few close to her.
BFFA: Emil Sneson

The Raven is a story by the brothers Grimm. It's about a young princess who either would not behave or would not stop crying. Her mother, in her irritation, wished the small child would just turn into a raven and fly off. So twas done. Years later, the raven princess meets a man, telling him she is a kings daughter and gives him specific instructions so her curse will be broken. Which it is.
Her last name is Raven for obvious reasons. As I was looking through a list of German girl names and meanings, I found Wilde, which obviously means untamed, which I thought fitting. Since the princess was cursed because she would not stop crying, thus being 'untamed.' 
Wilde, while an over all nice person, has little patience, despite that she will need it in her future story. (There's a lot of trial and error and waiting.) She also has a very poor relationship with her parents. Since most children in Ever After are brought up since an early age for their future roles, Wilde has been cursed and allowed to run a muck since she could barely walk. As a result, Wilde often runs away from the castle, When she was little, she left but came back frequently due her being a child and little idea on how to care for herself. But as she grew older she left with more time in between, only returning when she felt obligated too. Like holidays and important events. So she would be gone for months at a time with little question. As a result, Wilde is someone who does not approve of being told what to do. Since, in her mind, she is an adult who can care for herself and expects to be treated as such. Wilde, since she first ran away, spends most of her time in the woods as a raven, meaning she primarily acts on instinct and reason, rather than emotion.
EAH oc: Emil Sneson by alee1997
EAH oc: Emil Sneson
An EAH oc, Emil Sneson, Son of the Snow queen.
Side: Rebel.
Personality: Kinda quiet and pretty laid back. But also has a soft spot for shenanigans and winter sports, since he won't have much time for it when he has to take over and be a stern king of the snow. Also has his mama's boy moments.
No roommate listed.
Best friends forever after: Wilde Raven

Anyway, Though Emil has no need for bundling up, he enjoys winter clothes because he finds them cozy and practical. If you think he resembles a male Elsa, well his design is partly inspired by her. (As are a fair number of the canon EAH characters.) But this is not a Disney child. 
Emil quiet at times and a tad socially awkward due to a somewhat isolated upbringing in the winter kingdom. But that doesn't stop him from trying and being a complete dork in social situations. It also doesn't help with his thick northern accent. 
Emil is a nordic 
We were celebrating my moms birthday today, so naturally, all her friends went out clubbing tonight. So now I am in charge of no less than five small children for the night. I thought my friend could stay and help/keep me company like we planned, but she had to leave with her dad.
At two of them are sound asleep now, and the other three are content with waching a movie and likely to fall asleep on the couch.
Aaaand, now i'm bored.
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Madagascar
  • Watching: kids


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Personal Quote: "I'm not a social butterfly. I'm more of a lone wolf. But even a lone wolf needs her pack once in a while."

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